The Ramen Prince v0.4.5 Special Audition Version Is Up! Tell us what you think!

2017-09-23 12:10:44 by PaperWaifu

Hey guys,

We've just updated the online version of the game. It's still v0.4.5, but with the addition of a special gallery scene with voice over audition. We'd like to introduce our potential seiyuu, Usachuu, who's auditioning for Sango's role (For now, at least a focus on the special event scenes). Short clips of Sango's introduction scene, and first special event are included here.

To access this special gallery scene, use this secret code:


Please note that this is was a quick test job (we just want to see if her voice acting goes well with Sango), so the voice over feature hasn't been implemented well yet. You may experience audio overlaps.

If you have comments, feedback, and suggestions for her, you can post a comment here or in our blog, or in our patreon post specifically for this:

This is a public post so you can post a comment here so long as you have a patreon account.

Game Links:





Thank you guys!

PS: We're making good progress with v0.5.0 ;)



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