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Hi! We're into making quality visual novel (or choose-your-own-adventure) games from the NSFW kind down to the lovey-dovey otome/dating type! And we don't neglect the story either! So if you're into these, please give our games a try!

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PaperWaifu's News

Posted by PaperWaifu - August 14th, 2019

Hello everyone!

I've got good newsssss!

I've been helping out make some assets on the side for a fan-run Ramen no Oujisama discord server by our fans! If you want to talk about: 

- The game

- The story

- Specific characters

- Roleplay

- Other games, anime and manga

You can check out the server here through this awesome invite link:



Please keep in mind that this is purely fan-run and we're not running this (though i may help from time to time or drop by there ;) )

While you're there, please enjoy your stay while following their rules. More importantly, stay classy, friendly and civil, make new friends. "No" means "no" on sensitive interactions with others (unless you're roleplaying and you agree that no means yes and yes means no - just don't forget your safe word!). Please avoid being a jerk with each other as much as possible! ^^

The server is still being shaped and it has just been launched, so if you've got something in mind to make it a homely place for everyone, just let the admins over there know!

That's it for now! Have fun over there ;)


Posted by PaperWaifu - August 1st, 2019


We've updated both of our games recently!

In The Ramen Prince, The 9th character route has been concluded! The intro area now mostly has the Chinese (Mandarin Simplified) translation covered as well.

And in Summer in Springtime, we've finally fixed the long in-game loading time problem. This fix will also come in to Ramen no Oujisama at a later version! This update also covers the version we skipped, and we added in 6 more special scenes in Ukyu's style to the online versions of the game, matching the current total of 23 playable scenes in both styles.

Please enjoy these releases!


Our Patreon page:



Ramen no Oujisama:

Summer in Springtime:

*Both games are available online, and on multiple platforms. The Android version is available from our Patreon page, Gamejolt, and Itch.io!


Ramen no Oujisama

v0.9.0 - 07-29-2019

- NEW! 9th character route finished!

- NEW! 2x special scenes up!

- NEW! Chinese (ZH-Simplified) translation now covers intro area!

Summer in Springtime

v0.9.5 - 08-01-2019

-FIX! In-game long loading time now gone!

v0.9.4 - 06-22-2019

- NEW! Added 6 more special scenes in Ukyu's style! (Now 23 in total, up to date with the original's special scenes!)


Posted by PaperWaifu - June 22nd, 2019

Hey guys!

This update's been here for maybe a week now. The game's now at v0.9.3 and brings in a total of 17/23 special scenes with Ukyu's style in it! We'll update the game again next week to cover the rest of the special scenes! ;)


Posted by PaperWaifu - May 24th, 2019

Hey guys,

So the game's been updated again to include more of special scenes in Ukyu's style, bringing the number of scenes available to play to 10! This also has a number of bug fixes and enhancements. The game can be found here:

Enjoy the game! 

LATEST: v0.9.2 - 05-23-2019

- NEW! Added 7 more special scenes in Ukyu's style! (Now 10 in total, this is still incomplete!)

- NEW! Options menu added!

- NEW! Added global volume controls!

- FIX! Dialog autoscrolling bug

- FIX! Sound-related bugs with the menu

- FIX! Bug setting transition between animations.

- FIX! Event log text now fixed up!


Posted by PaperWaifu - May 5th, 2019

Hey everyone!

Summer in Springtime has now been updated to v0.9.1 05-05-2019. This now includes Ukyu's art style. Currently, there are 3 special scenes that have been made already to follow this style, and the rest will come in soon!

Posted by PaperWaifu - February 6th, 2019

Hey guys,

I think I've found out one of the causes of the game doing a black screen for some (or maybe a lot) of you who are trying to play our games and I'll be updating Ramen no Oujisama and Summer in Springtime builds later to address this. This has been around for quite some time already and I've gotten feedback about this since several months back. Wasn't quite sure what it was until now. The game affects the online versions of the build and if you are on a slow connection with the website (or the website is slow). The game tries to load ahead without the main stuff loaded up first, causing the black screen. This time around, the game will check if the game's ready to be initialized before attempting to start.

Thanks to mz87 for the bug lead!


Posted by PaperWaifu - February 4th, 2019

Hey everyone!

We've just updated all Ramen no Oujisama builds to v0.8.0 02-04-2019! We missed out on the v0.7.5 update since we were busy putting stuff together for some stuff related to our other game, Godhood Chronicles and our other VNs. You may now notice that there's a new menu system in place - so this is one of the things we needed to update already. There's also a new character route open all the way to chapter 4 this time around. You can find it here in NG!

Where to play or get it!

Normal version: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/715609

M version (17+, story focused): https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/1261981

*Special scenes are not included in the M version. The M version is designed to focus only on the story of the game. If you wish to play the normal version, the special scenes are always optional and you'll be given a choice to play through it or not.

Other builds are also available, include the mobile version in these places:

That's it! We updated the existing v0.7.x pages so this release won't be re-uploaded and go through submission test.

Hope you guys enjoy the game!


v0.8.0 - 02-04-2019

- NEW! 8th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)

- NEW! Chinese Simplified translation (Prologue)

- FIX! More bug fixes. New menu system in all versions.

- FIX! Plot hole fix!

- FIX! FF and Auto bug!

- FIX! special scene variable added

- FIX! Fireworks scene bug

v0.7.5 - 11-14-2018

 - NEW! 8th character route started! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now - unreleased) - FIX! Trying to fix iOS sound problems (online version only)


Posted by PaperWaifu - January 30th, 2019

Hey folks!

We'll be updating Ramen no Oujisama to v0.8.0 in a couple of days ;). Please watch out for it!


Posted by PaperWaifu - October 14th, 2018

Hey folks,

I've updated Summer in Springtime to v0.8.5. This now brings in multi-art style support. Along with this the old art style has been included. Please use the secret code oldieartxxx to activate this. 

Guys, I've been through a lot just to bring the new base art style in, like A LOT. Putting together 21 interactive animated scenes from scratch with full script work in 2 months was no easy matter. This wasn't planned and was a difficult decision to make since the old art delivered suddenly was, in plain terms, suffering in terms of quality. A sub-par rush job imho. One was so disappointing, it made me flaccid. It was unfixable for me.This is not apparent in the in-game scenes you see since I've already gone through processing them. The old art will most likely not be updated anymore.

The new base artwork will serve as canon and this is what we'll use when we update the game.

The game's latest update now lets us play with multiple art styles in-game. But for now, we'll limit the new art styles to Gallery and Omake Scenarios.We're still looking for a new artist or artist(s) to team up with to give you guys additional content and styles to enjoy in the game.

I apologize if you guys were expecting the same old art and suddenly faced with the new one without forewarning. I was keen on continuing to work with what I'm getting, but no way if it's gonna be crap.

Thanks for reading!




Posted by PaperWaifu - August 16th, 2018

Hey folks,

I'm trying to upload Ramen no Oujisama v0.7.0 but there's a problem with the uploader. Something about a Cross-origin error through JQuery, and this just stops the upload/update process there. Even force refreshing and publishing the project doesn't work, the game files aren't found. This seems to be a very recent thing, so I'll try again later or tomorrow.