2017-04-22 13:53:47 by PaperWaifu

Hey guys,


Just updated the game since I left out something earlier. Should work now! Let me know if you encounter anything that doesn't make the game progress (like it just stopped and tapping doesn't make make the program go go forward.)


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2017-04-24 22:00:35

Played the series for the first time today and for it to be capable of distracting me for 4 hours straight as I try to unlock every hidden scene whilst passing through every single route is enough to say that it's an amazing game.

I haven't enjoyed a game on Newgrounds... In the adult portal, since Re:Maid. I find that I may have some form of an addiction to these types of games. That aside, I don't believe I'll be giving it anymore attention until it's fully released so I can commit an entire day to unveiling it's every secret.

Until then, thank you for creating it. I'd look forward to the finished product.

PaperWaifu responds:

You're gonna be waiting for some time lol! But yeah, You're hooked on the story and its secrets ;) We welcome you to come back from time to time and see what the updates are ;) Thanks for playing the game!