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Sped up Map Scene Transitions

2016-06-20 10:05:38 by PaperWaifu

As what the title says ;). We're working on art and the story - the stuff that's going to happen next, so if you're wondering why we're a little too quiet, that's why.

If you're also experiencing strange problems like scenes not loading up, stuck in black screens, characters not showing up, I think we've found a clue to why this is happening. It may be due to a slow connection with NG - the preloaded stuff aren't getting preloaded. There are a ton of files that need to be downloaded upon preload, so one way of working around this is to F5 or refresh your browser once you hit the title screen. This'll make the game reload again and use the graphics found in your browser's cache, and probably load up whatever's still missing.

Stay tuned!

So we weren't too happy with how Sango's mouth expressions turned out, and we're updating it!

Squashing bugs here and there

2016-06-14 00:48:25 by PaperWaifu

Hey everyone,

Looks like we shouldn't be publishing the game while we're lacking sleep. Excited? We sure were, until this morning when we found out how the game was playing. Anyway, we're keeping the game updated (like just right now) to fix bugs here and there and a few changes here and there based on user feedback.

The game should be playable now, so if you kinda missed the story because of that awful 'bug' several hours ago, please have another go at it! Really sorry about that!

You might want to do a CTRL-F5 and/or clear your browser cache when you load up the page. And also use Google Chrome if you're not. And since there's no benefit of using WebGL at the moment, we switched the game to run on CANVAS so it should run faster for everyone.

Happy gaming people!

Announcing Ramen no Oujisama!

2016-06-13 08:27:26 by PaperWaifu

Who's the vixen!?

And we're live! BeerBrew and Sharkie here. We'd just like to announce that our first hentai visual novel, Loving The Ramen Prince or Ramen no Oujisama can now be played here at NG! Follow the link below!


Let us know what you think of it! If you like it, please rate us accordingly! (So we don't get blammed out :P)

We're going to continuously update the game with more content every 1 to 4 weeks (hopefully we keep it around 1-2 weeks), so if you feel it's short right now, don't worry, that's how it's supposed to be, we're just getting warmed up!

The main version of this game will be made available through our Patreon patron-only posts, downloadable as an app for Windows, so again, if you like our stuff, please support us through Patreon. :)

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